days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

New Service Guidelines

As you are likely aware, Air Canada recently implemented new service guidelines.

These new service expectations are unreasonable, impractical and bordering on absurd. Given the crew complements that we currently have, as well as the crew complements of our competitors, we are continually being put into impossible positions.  We can no longer remain silent and accept this continued barrage of service changes to which we are expected to adapt.  We will not sacrifice safety, health and wellbeing all under the guise of “Keeping up with the Emirates”.  We have some of the lowest crew complements in the industry.  We are here to tell you that enough is enough.  There is no more to take because we have nothing left to give.

The different service levels in Premium Rouge and PY Mainline have been a problem for some time.   It would have been appropriate to bring the rouge service in line with the mainline service.  Instead, the company increased the service in PY with no additional crew members to do this additional work.  This is a losing proposition, and we must stand together in opposition to such changes.

We believe that we must continue to respect the Collective Agreement while keeping in mind what minimum expectations are required of us.  The Company has always found ways to ask flight attendants to donate more of our free time and get to aircraft earlier.  We have reached a point where we feel that we continue to give but our voices are not being heard. This leads us to the need for a new direction to advocate for our rights.

We recognise that you should be prepared to operate your assigned flights.  We know that you need to check in and then proceed to the gate.  You are required to attend at your respective Communications Centres prior to your scheduled flight departures, as per your check in times on globe.

Keep in mind that rest is a crucial part of staying alert and vigilant on flights of longer durations.  Crew rest is necessary for the safe operation of flights.  Your breaks are contractual and not optional.  Ensure that you take them. We should never feel pressured to compromise on safety because of a request for enhanced service.

In the interest of using all resources available to us to fight these ever-changing service specifications, we filed CHQ-19-63 Unreasonable Service Level Increase (Click HERE to view).

Now we need your help with this grievance.  We need to hear from those of you who have operated the flights affected by the new service increases.  We have prepared a survey which will go a long way in assisting us with evidence gathering.  If you have operated one of these flights, we ask that you fill out our survey by clicking on the link below:

Working together, we will achieve more than we can imagine.  We look forward to hearing from you and to receiving your responses to our survey.  The information you provide will do a great deal to tip the scales and show how the service expectations imposed upon us must lead us to a new vision and to positive change.

We leave you with the words of trade unionist Eugene V. Debs:

“Solidarity is not a matter of sentiment but a fact, cold and impassive as the granite foundations of a skyscraper. If the basic elements, identity of interest, clarity of vision, honesty of intent, and oneness of purpose, or any of these is lacking, all sentimental pleas for solidarity, and all other efforts to achieve it will be barren of results.”

In Solidarity,