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Night Dinner/Special Dinner

Mainline Members Only

On February 6, 2024, the Union concluded a discussion with Air Canada management on the issue of the Night Dinner/Special Dinner allowance. It has been noted that these expenses were not showing on members pay statements automatically and/or were not being paid out at all unless they were claimed.  This came to our attention via a Yammer discussion between members and Company representatives.  The Company advised the members: “This issue had indeed been ongoing due to the current pay system’s limitations. A new Crew Pay System is in scope within the OPSMOD program to tackle these current pain points. Thank you for your continued patience and please do not hesitate to reach out if you still have any unresolved Special Dinner claims.”

After our conversation with Air Canada, they issued the following bulletin:

February 6, 2024

Crew cycle expenses for Night Dinner for all night flight pairings.

Dear Cabin Crew,

Effective January 2024 block month, payment for all night flight pairings (per CA. B8.18) will be added manually for Crew Cycle Expenses. All earning(s) related to Night Dinner will be allocated in one payment and listed on your paystub only. The description will note “Crew Cycle Exp-Adjmt” on your pay statement. This adjustment will remove the requirement to submit an eClaim for this specific flying period.

Please refer to your pairing package for more detailed information.

Thank you,
Your IFS Crew Pay team

We highly encourage all members to review their pay on a monthly basis, both hours and expenses, to ensure you are receiving your hard-earned monies.  Should you have to do this?  No.  However, we have seen as of late that there have been countless errors that have been reviewed with Air Canada, needing correction.

Please ensure you claim all Special Dinner/ Night Dinner allowances you have not claimed and were entitled to.  We expect there to be many members who have missed out on this. We want to assure you we will be in discussion with the Company on how to confirm that members who were not properly paid these allowances can rightfully claim them.

In addition to the meal expenses, we are still looking into the vacation clawbacks.  We will have more information once we receive a response from the Company.  We have had productive meetings with them, and they assured us they are tackling this in an efficient manner to ensure the back log of claims will be addressed.

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