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OBSM CC and Rouge Mentor Program Update

As a follow up to our last two bulletins about the OBSM Cabin Crew Program and the Rouge Crew Mentor Program, (click Here to see the last two bulletins) we wish to advise you that we have filed a mainline policy grievance on the OBSM Cabin Crew Program.  Click on the link to see grievance form (Click Here). The Union is also exploring the possibility of returning to Arbitrator Kaplan based on the merits of the recently awarded Arbitration.

Chief Arbitrator William Kaplan provided a ruling on the OBSM SD program (CHQ-17-38). In his ruling he noted that Air Canada must follow progressive discipline and that “employees must be told what they need to do to improve and what the consequences will be if they fail to do so.

It is our opinion that Air Canada is not following the spirit of the arbitrator’s ruling in CHQ-17-38. We have seen the practice of OBSM CC coaching flights being held with no feedback. Why is it not being communicated to the members where improvements can be made? Why are the members not being advised of the consequences of not making the improvements once it has been brought to their attention?  In our view this is a more humane and just approach.

Air Canada’s believes that by sending a letter with the six touchpoints prior to the assessment flight that they have properly advised the members of what is required. If the standard has not been met, discipline is then issued.  Contrary to Arbitrator Kaplan’s award above, the members are not afforded the right to know where they need to improve or what the consequences are.

With respect to the Rouge Crew Mentor Program, we continue to monitor the program, however there are no updates to report since our last bulletin.  We have found Rouge management to be willing to listen and to adjust the program as needed.  This is aligned with our belief that any program of this nature should include an openness to receive feedback and to treat all employees in a fair and humane manner.

As always, the Union relies on member feedback at both Mainline and Rouge so that we are aware of how these programs are evolving. Please reach out to your Local to provide feedback and to give us an accounting of your experience.

Update on CHQ-19-05:  Unreasonable and Discriminatory Tattoo and Piercing Policy

We have been receiving numerous requests for updates on this grievance and are happy to report that it has now been scheduled for mediation on September 24, 2019.

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