days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

OBSM Follow Up

As a follow up to our August 23, 2019 OBSM bulletin, we want to speak about the OBSM program and respond to something that has come to our attention.

Despite our numerous examples of inappropriate discipline and despite the fact that we have shown time and time again the effect that this program is having on the overall morale of our members, the Company continues to press on.  We are overseeing this program with intense scrutiny and will defend our members at every turn.

In a recent Company Issued bulletin we once again saw a “tip from an OBSM”. This tip suggested:
“If you’re in the boarding lounge waiting for your aircraft to arrive with your colleagues, consider looking for opportunities to engage with customers waiting to board your flight. You can get to know them better before they board and they will likely be both surprised and delighted to get a chance to meet you before they are onboard.”

If our crew members are waiting for the arrival of their aircraft they are preparing themselves for the flight ahead. This type of suggestion is not well received.  We will continue to push back on any attempts to treat our members unfairly and to expand their work.  We would like to remind all members that while this may be a “tip” and a suggestion by an OBSM we do NOT expect our members to be socializing with passengers in the boarding lounge especially as this is unpaid time.

In solidarity,

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