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OBSM Survey Results


To our Members:
We have decided that we need to update the membership on the long trail of communication that we have engaged in with the Company in regards to the OBSM survey.
We wish we had better news to impart.
On October 26th of last year we sent the Company a letter accompanied by the results of question #13 of the OBSM survey. Click here to view.
We received a response on November 9th that the Company wished to see the whole survey. After in-person discussions with Labour on the matter expressing our position, on December 12th, we formally declined.
Your Union declined for two reasons:

1.  We do not feel that the ‘demographics’ of the survey are relevant to the Company’s needs and are for the Union’s eyes only.

2.  The opinions expressed by the membership in question #13 are sufficient to warrant a response.
To date, after several seemingly fruitless further conversations, we are left with the impression that the Company does not value the input that you have provided. As they refuse to comment, we can extrapolate no less from their silence.

We were hoping to release this portion of the survey with the Company’s response. Nevertheless, in order to provide context and to serve our promise to you, we decided to publish the results of question number #13 for your consideration.

In solidarity,

Air Canada Component of CUPE