days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

OBSM’s – Health and Well Being

Dear members,

We are following up on the many phone calls, emails and communications we have had about the ongoing OBSM assessments at Mainline.

It has become clear to the Union that our members are feeling undervalued, underappreciated and unfairly criticized and attacked by the OBSM Managers.

Some members have reported the following to the Union concerning the OBSM assessments:

“…[the OBSM Manager] did not once offer positive feedback, interfered with my job on board, made me very uncomfortable and stressed as well as making me feel underpowered and with a sense that he was bullying my colleague and there was nothing I could do about it. “

“…[the OBSM Manager] was not even there to assess me and yet I felt attacked and incompetent.”

“Lost is the vision of a rise to the top by a work force fuelled by love and devotion to their job; and sadly, replaced by a militant atmosphere of fear and intimidation.”

“A culture of fear and mistrust, and of looking over one’s shoulder now permeates our workforce. I frequently find myself reassuring fellow flight attendants who live in fear of the most minor infraction or error.”

“Air Canada is applying an extreme and invasive form of scrutiny and evaluation to its employees. No onboard conversation or customer/crew interaction goes unnoticed.”

“These tactics have more in common with a police state then with the successful airline I once knew.”

“I am appalled by its impact on the lives of my colleagues and by extension, their families. Some may never recover from careers destroyed by demotions and malicious evaluation methods not worthy of an award-winning airline. Air Canada is paying a very high price in its race to the top 10 when loyal, conscientious and caring employees, who contributed to this company’s success feel demoralised and discredited.”

We will not remain silent while our members are under attack!

The Company has targeted Flight Attendants who are on board to care for, assist, and protect the well-being and lives of our passengers as well as each other.  Our members are proudly true safety professionals. We know that our members will always put safety first, but this program is creating a detriment to the end goal and harming the health and well-being of all of those involved.

This program will continue to have long-lasting negative health consequences on our members.  We strongly encourage our members who feel under surveillance and intimidated to practice self-care. Please see the following link to the Canadian Mental Health association:

It is paramount for members to take the time for self-care.  If it is financially viable for you it may be appropriate to reduce your voluntary overtime (VE) hours.  Remember this is time you offer up to the Company, it is not mandatory – it is optional.  The Company cannot require you to do VE.  We also remind members that drafting when they are on days off is, in fact, optional.  You do not answer your phone if you do not want to be drafted, this is your time to recuperate and recover.

We believe that the health and well-being of our members is fundamental, and we respect your right to know what is best for your health.

Please continue to send in your comments and feedback on the OBSM program.  We will be your voice with the Company.  We will continue to take all measures, including legal means, to fight these continued workplace injustices.

Remember to take the time you need!  Your co-workers will appreciate it, too!

Reminder the joint EAP committee is available to you anytime, contact link here.

In solidarity,