days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Off-Duty Status – May 2021

As you are likely aware, last week it was announced by the Federal Government that Canada would be suspending flights between Canada and India. The Company has now advised us that due to this recent suspension they have a surplus of Cabin Personnel. The number of projected Cabin Personnel hours for the May 2021 block month has been reduced by over 26%. According to the Collective Agreement language this reduction would be classified as a Major Operational Disruption.  Instead of cancelling recall notices or initiating further layoffs, discussions have taken place between the Union and the Company and the Company advised they will adhere to the Collective Agreement provision related to a major operational disruption found in LOU 6: Operational Distribution.

Instead of being laid off or having your recall cancelled, the members recalled for May 1, 2021 will be placed on Off-Duty Status as outlined in LOU 6.06.  This decision will allow the affected members to maintain their current Employment Insurance application active. In addition, they will be returned to Company Benefits and accrue vacation, sick time, and pensionable service.  It is important to keep in mind that while on Off Duty Status, you may be recalled to active duty with 48 hours notice. We did request that these members also be placed on the CEWS program, however the employer did not agree.

The 111 members recalled for April 26, 2021 will remain fully active for the May block month.

We remain hopeful that with ramped up vaccination efforts being made across the country, that public health and border measures will begin to ease allowing a rebound of our industry and a recall of many of our members into the workplace. We recognise that this newest development is unwelcome however we will continue to adapt and to place the interests of the affected members in the front of mind. We know this is a turbulent time for so many and will continue to advocate to ensure that all members have a voice.

Please remember to report all short crewing and draft situations, links to the forms can be found HERE.

In solidarity,