days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Official Reporting Educational FAQ

Union Officials can’t make changes alone.  We need you to let us know when things go wrong. We know complaining on social media makes us feel better in the moment but if you want to see change you need to send in an official report. We need details of the who, what, when, where, why and how. There are many forms available for various situations, such as ACF34-C, Crew Care, Health and Safety Forms, and AQD.  In addition, you can always go directly to your Local Union Office.

Below are all the union contacts available to you for reporting purposes:


Air Canada Mainline YUL Local 4091: (514) 422-2235

Air Canada Mainline YYC Local 4095: (403) 221-2625

Air Canada Mainline YVR Local 4094: (604) 295-4259

Air Canada Mainline YYZ Local 4092: (905) 676-4293

Air Canada Rouge YTO 4098: (905) 676-6338

Air Canada Rouge YMQ 4098: (905) 676-6338

Middle of the night? Urgent contract question?

Work Refusal, Emergency Landing, Health & Safety, Drug and Alcohol Testing, Arrest, Search and Seizure: Emergency Help Line 1 (866) 758-3037
Can’t find what you are looking for? Send an email to and we will send it to the right committee or person for action. For anytime and anywhere general resources visit the Component website at: Take a closer look at what committees we have and what they do for you by clicking on the “Committees” tab on the website home page.
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Download an electronic copy of your contract here (paper copies available at your local):
** Collective Agreement (EN)
** Covention Collective (FR)
** Reserve Handbook (EN)
** Guide de le Reserve (FR)

*Correction to the CA and Reserve Handbook Appendix II of the Collective Agreement and page 6 (Duty Day) of the Reserve Handbook need to be revised due to an error: – Where duty periods end with a scheduled deadhead to home base Should read 16 HOURS AT CREW BASE and DOES NOT APPLY NOT AT CREW BASE.
We are your union, use us to amplify your working voice!

Air Canada Component – Action With A Purpose

In Solidarity,

Victoria Primavera
Air Canada Component Education Committee Chair

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