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Onboard Crew Rest Flash Bulletin – February 2019

*This bulletin applies to Mainline Cabin Crew*
This bulletin is a reminder to all cabin crew of their contractual onboard crew rest for B5, B14, LOU18, LOU22A/B flights. The negotiated crew rest times are as following:

B5 flights: 1:00 hour of rest (flying time 8:01-11:29 hours gate to gate)
B14 flights: 2:00 hours of rest
LOU18: minimum of 2:30 hours of rest for duty day up to 14:59 hrs.
4:00 hours of rest for duty day 15:00-16:15 hrs.
LOU22A: 4:00 hours of rest for duty day 16:16-17:10 hrs.
4:30 hours of rest for duty day 17:11-18.00 hrs.
LOU22B: 5:00 hours of rest for duty day 18:01-18:45 hrs.
5:30 hours of rest for duty day 18:46-19:30 hrs.

The Service Director is responsible to manage and coordinate the onboard crew rest. When the service specifications need to be modified to obtain the contractual rest times, an In-Flight Service Report (ACF623A) is to be filled out and submitted to the Company.
Please note for B5 flights with a block time of 7:01-8:00 hrs, cabin crew may rest for up to 1:00 hour, however in this scenario cabin crew will not be permitted to modify the service specification.
In solidarity,
Component Crew Rest Committee