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Pay Committee

Your Union has been working through the multiple pay issues that we were flagged on earlier this year, and with that we have decided to move forward with a Pay Committee.

As a refresher, the Union has filed multiple grievances over pay related issues (CHQ-24-30, CHQ-24-31, CHQ-24-32, CHQ-24-33, CHQ-24-34, CHQ-24-35, CHQ-24-36, and CHQ-24-37).

The Pay Committee will consist of 3 members at the onset, overseen by the Component President and will be available to review your pay for the last 12 months. This service does not have a charge and will review the contractual pay requirements that you would be entitled to.

For all months received, we will review:
– Expenses
– Hours Paid
– Aircraft-specific Service Director Rate of Pay
– Trip Hour Guarantees / Duty Period Guarantees
– Vacation Pay / Credits
– Minimum Monthly Guarantee Calculations
– Duty Overtime Credits
– Continuous Duty Day credits
– Federal Minimum Wage
– Pay protection vs Reassignment
– Shoe Allowance
– Passport Reimbursement (if applicable)

To allow us to fully go over your pay, you must ensure your globe schedule is unblocked and send the following information and documentation in one email:

  1. Name
  2. Employee Number
  3. Airline
  4. Base

Next, you need to download the following:


  1. Log into ACaeronet
  2. Click on “HR Connex”
  3. Under “$ Pay & Compensation” click on “Flight Summary”
  4. Download PDFs of your last 12 block months under “Flying Block Month”
  5. Return to HR Connex
  6. Under “$ Pay & Compensation” click on “Pay Statements”
  7. Download PDFs corresponding to last 12 months of paycheques under “View Paycheque”

Finally, please let us know:

  1. Do you have any pay issues / claims pertaining to the last 12 months that are pending?  YES/NO? (If yes, attach PDFs.)
  1. Have you filed for a passport renewal (if entitled) in your last 12 months?  YES/NO?

Once you have gathered all of the above information, please attach it to one email, and send to Please do not include any passwords!

Please note, if you have made any pay claims to the company, and they have been approved or denied, please send a screen shot to us for documentation on the shortfalls of the current payroll system.

Once the committee has evaluated your pay documentation, we will advise you by email on how to process; you will need to complete all claims yourself. Once completed, please ensure you reply to the email and advise us of its completion.

Please reach out with any questions to

In Solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE

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