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Payroll Issues

The Union was made aware of a bulletin that was sent out from Crew Planning, attached here.

We have had numerous discussions with the Company in identifying an array of issues including vacation reconciliation and vacation money that is owed to members. The understanding going forward was that the Company would be working to reconcile vacation and stat entitlements throughout the vacation year and adjusting them on an ongoing basis. This will be done to ensure members are made aware of any overpayments in a timely manner and are not placed in the unnecessary position of owing money.

Since our original discussions with the Company, we have learned of further pay issues which we have flagged. We remind members about the importance of checking their pay monthly. Some of the issues reported recently were and ongoing ones:

  1. Missing Cleaning Allowance
  2. Incorrect Wage Rate
  3. Flow Through Wage Rate decreases
  4. Retirement Vacation Reconciliations and final pay not issued
  5. Missing Expenses
  6. Early Check In (post duty) not paid out
  7. Special Dinner retro payments
  8. Where members will see US Custom delay payments on pay statement
  9. Service Date changes, unbeknownst to member affecting pay progression

We are also aware that the regular vacation reconciliation for our members who have reached the 5-year mark was previously to be paid. We have been assured that this is now set to be paid on their April cheque. We will continue to follow up to ensure that our members are properly paid this amount. We are also aware that this is extremely frustrating, and it feels like you have had the run around over the last 11 months. We have shared this with the employer and have been advised there are changes coming that will expedite this pay.

In addition to the challenges that many are facing with inaccuracies and unnecessary claw backs to vacation we have had multiple reports highlighting pay claim delays. We strongly advise you to check your “Pay Claims” today, and if any are pending, follow up, with a copy to

We want to advise, clearly to the members, that we have had conversations with the Company, we have shared the frustrations with them, and we are awaiting replies to outstanding issues.  However, with the new issues creeping up, we have serious concerns that need to be understood, we need to understand the process and need solid assurances that pay will be a priority going forward, as it is clear, this is not the case for our group.

Time and time again, we have made it abundantly clear that we work for the Company and there is an expectation that you will be properly paid. In return for your hard work, you expect to be remunerated in a timely and accurate way. You put in enough free work.  At a bare minimum you want to be paid for all hours worked and your expenses paid out as per the contract. This is a fair request. The fact that this has taken so long to sort out and the impact it has had on our members, already working paycheck to paycheck, is simply unacceptable.

Overall, this seems to us to be just another reminder of how much work performed is unpaid. Simply put, UNPAID WORK WON’T FLY.

The Union is requesting all members, Mainline and Rouge, to please copy on any continuing pay issues you have flagged to the company. This will allow us to get a true picture of the challenges you are facing that are not being addressed through the regular claims you submit. We will also be working on an initiative for members to have easier access on verifying pay and expenses.  We feel that it is time we take a closer look and see how much unpaid work still exists and pay statement assistance will help with that task. We will have more on this to follow.

Please reach out to with any feedback, questions, concerns, or comments.

In solidarity,

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