days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

PBS Committee

The Joint and Local PBS Committees provide support for the membership in regards to the PBS system. Our goal is to ensure that the system is reliable and that our members have the information and skills that they require to utilize PBS to the best benefit of their seniority.

The Joint PBS Committee works with the Company and the PBS software supplier in ensuring that PBS is functional and available to the membership.  In addition to providing support for the Local PBS Committees, they ensure that new features and system development is completed and tested for adherence with the specifications of the software and compliance with the Collective Agreement.  The Joint PBS Committee also provides information, on a national scale, to the membership for PBS issues and new features.

The Local PBS Committees are the local interface for PBS and are available and accessible to the membership for PBS questions and bidding assistance.  They participate in the monthly PBS activities such as Pairing Review, Bidding Assistance, Awards Process and Contesting.  Your Local PBS Committee is aware of the specific nuances at your base.  They are there to answer your questions on PBS as well as provide assistance and support for new features.  Our bidding strategies change depending on what we want, or what is going on in our daily lives.  Local PBS Committee members are available at the Communication Centres during the bidding period to guide you through the system,  help you with your questions and assist you to best manage your bidding strategy.

Committee members

Joint Committee Co-Chairs:

Marie-Eve Simard
Mary Mulholland

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If you have questions or need assistance with PBS, you can reach your Local PBS Committee at the following e-mail addresses: