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PBS – System Upgrade + Enhancements/Modifications

Release 18.9 of PBS has been installed on the Production servers. Along with a couple of fixes, there are a few changes/enhancements to how PBS looks which will be reviewed in this bulletin.
Since this is an update to PBS from version 18.3 to 18.9 you should, as with any update: clear your browser’s cache and web data. Information on clearing your browser’s cache may be found in Bulletin 07. This bulletin as well as others may be found on the portal under Crew Scheduling & Planning > Bidding Tools & Information then scroll down to see additional bulletins.
The “Old” User Interface remains in effect. Once the end of support for this interface has been determined you will be advised of the end date along with a pre-determined “sunset” period of no less than three (3) months.
Please click HERE to view an in depth bulletin that deals with this subject.