PBS Training Bid and Award

(This applies to Air Canada Mainline only)

*The information in this bulletin is subject to change.
Please refer to the official information from the Cabin Crew Training team.*

Training Bid Open:                 MAY 12 @ 0800 EST
Training Bid Close:                 MAY 15 @ 0800 EST
Training Award Publish:        MAY 18 @ 2300 EST

Please refer to the COVID-19 Training June – ENG on ACaeronet under >Cabin Crew Training

>Training Bulletins for the latest information.

  • Cabin crew due for ART in March, requiring Requalification, SPIN or the A220 Aircraft Type Training, will be able to attend training in June.
  • If your qualification was to expire in April, May or June, your training will be rescheduled as soon as possible starting in July.
  • Tempus training is temporary suspended until further notice.


For more information on bidding with PBS please contact your local PBS Representative
YUL:  spp.pbs4091@gmail.com
YYZ:  pbsyyz@gmail.com
YYC:  pbs@local4095.ca
YVR:  pbs@local4094.ca

Click HERE for a printable, and downloadable, version of this bulletin.