days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

PBS update

We will continue to provide updates and news on the New User Interface on a regular basis. In the mean time, we continue to meet with Navblue, the PBS software provider to further enhance and streamline the system. We had hoped that some needed inclusions to the New User Interface would have been completed by now however they remain to be finalized. Until then we will continue the transition period (when the Old U.I. is still available) for another few months. Once an end date to the transition period has been decided you will be given at least two months notice prior to shutting down the old interface.
The New User Interface will one day be the interface. Like with any change, it is natural that you may experience uncertainty and confusion. The interface is new but the “core” of bidding has not changed and waiting until the last minute will only add more stress. You know more than you think you do!
First: Be informed!

  • There are a number of bulletins on the New User Interface and the new features that come along with it. You can find these bulletins on the portal (ACaeronet) under:
    – Crew Scheduling & Planning > Bidding Tools & Information
    – Scroll down to see the bulletins (1 through 8)
  • Bulletin 3 includes a step-by-step guide to creating a bid group and adding bid lines.
  • Check with your local PBS Committee and get on their mailing list. Aside from these bulletins,
    your local PBS Committees send out additional information on bidding that are pertinent to your base.
    Next: If you haven’t seen the New Interface then give it a try!
    • You have access to bidding outside the bid period (after awards and contesting). If you have a Default Bid it will be there and if you try but do not submit, then you will not change your bids.
    Finally: Know your computer/device and keep it and your browser up to date.
    • Software and hardware change over time. The New Interface requires an up to date browser and while the system is stable it does require periodic hands-on solutions like clearing the cache and web data.
    We are there to help: Information sessions on the New User Interface will continue throughout the transition period.
    In this bulletin:
    • Replace “GP” with “GJ” IMMEDIATELY!! (Mainline) • SUBMIT vs SAVE
    • Buddy Bidding with the New U.I.
    • Correction/Clarification: Any – Every Employee
    • “Pairing Departing On” vs “Layover Starting On”
    • PBS New User Interface Error Report