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Personal Effects

As a follow up to the Health and Safety bulletin issued about the increasing problem of theft or accidental removal of personal property of cabin crew on-board the aircraft (click HERE to view Health & Safety bulletin), we wish to advise you that we have now filed a policy grievance on the matter for our Mainline and Rouge members.

Click HERE to view the Mainline policy grievance.
Click HERE to view the Rouge policy grievance.

We have had discussions with Air Canada on this matter since coming into office, at UMHQ as well as ad hoc, about the need for a secure stowage location on-board all aircraft but the company does not agree.  We always wish to attempt to correct these issues with the Company prior to filing grievances, but unfortunately this is one issue we were not able to resolve.

Thank you to those who have written in, come in to the local offices to express concern as well as the hundreds of members who reached out through the recent Health and Safety Survey. We found your responses to be very helpful and informative.

In Solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE