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Policy Grievance – Delhi Operations Through Dublin

The Union has filed a policy grievance about Air Canada’s improper designation of the recent Delhi pairings (now rescheduled to include a layover in Dublin) in violation of LOU 22A. (Click HERE to view). Although the Collective Agreement, including Article L60.04.05, requires Air Canada to designate each pairing based on the longest leg within that pairing, Air Canada has once again mixed extension pairing rules within a single pairing.

For example, if the longest flight leg within a pairing falls under LOU 22A, the entire pairing should be designated as an LOU 22A pairing. Therefore, all rules under LOU 22A should apply to all flight legs within that pairing (crew rest, crew complement, duty period limitations, etc.).

In this grievance, the Union is seeking to require Air Canada to comply with its obligations regarding the creation and designation of pairings.

In Solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE