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Policy Grievance Filed on Denial of Drug Coverage (Requirement to use Generic Drugs/Medicines)

The Union just filed a policy grievance (click HERE) challenging Air Canada’s denial to cover certain medically necessary drugs/medicines by only reimbursing the cost of generic drugs/medicines even when a physician indicates “no substitutions” on the prescription.

We are also challenging Air Canada’s requirement that members undergo the special authorization process when your doctor prescribes you a drug/medicine for which a generic alternative exists.

The Collective Agreement clearly states that Air Canada is to pay 100% of our drugs and medicines yet it is our belief that Air Canada continues to find ways to place hindrances that reduce our benefits. They then save money that subsequently goes directly or indirectly into the pockets of their executives and shareholders.

If you have any examples of these violations that can support our policy grievance, we ask that you contact your Local Office and send them all the required information so that an individual grievance can be filed on your behalf and attached to our policy grievance.