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Port of Spain (POS) Overnight Turn

The Union would like to make members aware of the special provisions that were negotiated in Letter of Understanding LOU 28 regarding the Port of Spain overnight turnaround pairing.  It has been many years since this pairing has been operated. For the month of June 2022, this is pairing T9422 out of the YYZ base.

Cabin Personnel operating this pairing can make use of the last sold seats, if available, to sleep during their crew break. In addition, if the last sold seats are  unavailable you may request a hotel upon arrival in Toronto, from Crew Scheduling, so that you may rest before your journey home.

Please advise if Last Sold Seats were not blocked off while other seats in economy were vacant.

The relevant Collective Agreement language is copied below:

L28.01 Due to the special nature of the Port of Spain overnight turnaround pairing, the Company agrees that Cabin Personnel operating this pairing may sleep in the last sold seats, as defined in LOU 27, if they are available. The use of these seats to sleep shall not interfere, in any way, with cabin service.

L28.02 In the situation where the last sold seats are not available, Cabin Personnel may request a hotel upon arrival in Toronto. In that case, duty period and meal expense will terminate 15 minutes after arrival in Toronto.

L28.03 The above-mentioned provisions will apply for the Toronto-Barbados / Montreal-Vancouver / Toronto-Caracas flights in the event that they operate as an overnight turnaround.

We strongly believe that the crew rest provisions of our Collective Agreement are crucial and should be utilised in every circumstance.  Your health and well-being are paramount. Please follow-up with your local Union if you have any issues exercising your rights under this LOU.

In solidarity,