days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

President’s Message – December 2007

Your Union has had an extremely busy year in 2007 and we expect an even busier year in 2008 as we head into the preliminary bargaining process.

We have been working diligently on your behalf all year and have filed in excess of 700 grievances and we will continue to fight to protect your rights under the collective agreement.

We thank you for all your efforts in informing us when you know your rights are being violated, our strength begins and ends with you. The Union is the membership and the membership is the Union.

We will continue to empower you by making sure you are kept informed in a timely manner of everything that affects your working conditions. Our committees work tirelessly to safeguard and promote your best interests at all times.

We will also continue in 2008 and onwards to hire experts and use CUPE National Representatives to assist us in arguing cases at arbitration.

In 2008, the Union will ask that the membership to assist us in achieving our goals. You will be asked to provide the Union with your top priorities for bargaining by way of proposals. A bargaining survey will be put together from your proposals and sent out to you for your input. This will be your time to tell us what you want in your new Collective Agreement.

In 2008, we will introduce to you a Solidarity Committee, made up of representative from each base across the country. This committee will raise your awareness of the important issues for bargaining and promote unity within our group. I ask for your full support of the Solidarity Committee and its efforts. The Company will be watching closely to see how determined we are and what level of support you will provide to the Union leadership. We can be successful in 2009 but only if we present a strong united front to the Employer.

On behalf of the entire Component Executive, I extend my sincerest best wishes to you and yours for the upcoming holiday season. Wishing you all good health and safe flying for the New Year.

In unity,

Lesley Swann

President, Air Canada Component of CUPE