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RAMQ Benefits Update

As discussed last week, we were looking for health insurance alternatives for those laid-off considering the Quebec requirement that you maintain prescription drug coverage.

We have spent a great deal of time working with our benefits administrator to try and work out a cost-effective prescription drug plan that can be offered to members in all provinces. We are very close to finalizing the plan arrangement and will have further details next week.

However, Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge informed us earlier today that they too will now be offering a lower-cost plan that meets the Quebec requirements for prescription drug coverage. We are very happy to hear that our members concerns were acted upon and that this plan will also be available to members in all provinces.

For members at Air Canada Mainline, more information will come out in your Air Canada email and you should be able to adjust your Benefit Status Advice (BSA), if you have already selected. Please be sure to check your Company email which you still have access too while on layoff.

For members at Air Canada Rouge, more information will also come out in your Air Canada email. Members must complete the NEW Layoff Benefits Continuance Form, even if you have completed the old form.  The deadline for Rouge members to advise of their intention to continue benefits has been extended to June 26, 2020 at 0800 EDT.

In solidarity,