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Recall Notices – December 2020 – Rouge YMQ (Montreal)

The Company has advised us that there will be 60 recalls for Cabin Crew positions at Air Canada Rouge in Montreal (YMQ) for the December 2020 block month. As these are new recalls, they will be offered to the most senior members on layoff status. The letters will be sent later today.

If you intend to accept the recall to Air Canada Rouge you must respond to it within 7 calendar days. Please be sure to review all information about the working conditions at Air Canada Rouge before you accept.  Take your time to review the information and be certain that you understand what this role will entail.  If you require any clarification or information, we encourage you to reach out to us directly by email so we can get back to you in a timely manner.

If you do not wish to accept a position at Air Canada Rouge you have 14 days to advise of such in order to be eligible for future recalls. You must reply to the recall notice to maintain your eligibility for future recalls. Please note that declining a recall to Rouge will not affect your seniority and you will be eligible for future recalls to both Mainline and Rouge that are offered in the future.

All members being recalled will be notified via registered letter.  Please note that due to COVID-19, there may be some delays in these letters reaching you. To compensate for this the Company will also be advising all those recalled via Company email and a courtesy phone call.  Please check your recall notice for more details.

As a reminder the Collective Agreement says the following about recalls:

17.16.02  An employee on laid-off status shall be notified by the applicable company, of the first available assignment either at Air Canada Mainline or at Air Canada Rouge to which his/her seniority entitles him. Failure to advise the applicable company within seven (7) calendar days of the registered postmark date of his/her desire to be considered for the assignment shall disqualify him for the assignment.

Recall notice shall be sent by registered mail to the last address filed with the company.

Please see the below questions and answers regarding these new recalls:

I have already turned down a position at Air Canada Rouge, why am I receiving a recall notice again?
As per the above article, an employee on laid-off status shall be notified of the first available assignment at either Air Canada Mainline or Air Canada Rouge. As this is a new recall offering it must be once again be offered to the most senior members still on layoff status. You again have the option to accept or decline the recall. Please remember that you must still decline within 14 calendar days in order to maintain your name on the seniority list and be available for future recall notices.

I accepted a position at Air Canada Rouge in Toronto, will I be able to transfer to the Montreal base?
Unfortunately not as you accepted a recall to the Toronto base. As per Article 18, base transfers are not actioned while members remain on laid-off status. In addition, as the initial recalls to Air Canada Rouge in Toronto went fairly junior, there is no guaranteeing that the recalls to the Rouge Montreal base will go as junior.

Why are there no recalls to Air Canada Mainline for December?
At this time we have not been advised of any, but this does not mean it is definitely off the table. There could still be recalls to Mainline as the timeframe for recalls to the point of layoff is shorter then the recalls process to Rouge. In addition, the 291 members who took the 6-month SPLOA that was offered during mitigation will be returning to the workplace in December increasing the active Mainline membership. We have requested that additional SPLOAs be offered and to date have yet to hear back from the Company.

As we are hopeful that recalls will become regular monthly occurrence, we have created the following chart that we will update with each round of recalls:

We want to make sure that you have all of the information available to you so that you can make an informed and appropriate decision. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for clarity on the process or any concerns that you may have.

In solidarity,