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Recall Update – October 24, 2020

We wanted to provide a brief update on the recall process, as new notices for Rouge in YMQ (Montreal) went out yesterday. These new notices are still for the 60 positions we announced last week and are being sent due to members declining a recall to Rouge.

YMQ – Rouge Montreal Recalls

Of the 100 notices sent last week for 60 positions, three members have accepted.  These notices were sent to seniority 18215 to 18850. Acceptance was open until October 21, 2020.  If you did NOT accept your recall, you MUST decline by October 28, 2020.

New notices went out yesterday to seniority 18855 to 19760.  Acceptance is open until November 3, 2020.  If you do NOT wish to accept your recall, you MUST decline by November 10, 2020.

For these YMQ recalls, all members are expected to be available and start as of November 23, 2020.  You will be starting to accrue pay credits (MMG) at this time.

YTO – Rouge Toronto Recalls

The recall process for YTO – Rouge Toronto has finished.

Seniority 18215-21790 were all offered recalls to YTO.  Out of the 714 recalls issued 142 have accepted.

Air Canada Mainline Recalls

At this time there are no recalls in process for any mainline bases.

Updated Seniority List for Recall Purposes

We have requested the “Recall Seniority List” on ACaeronet be updated to reflect real time information from the original list posted. Currently the most junior member recalled to Mainline is seniority 18210.

Your Component Officers will maintain this update weekly, so that everyone is aware of where they are at for recalls.

In solidarity,

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