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Reminder of Time Line Limits for the WAGE INDEMNITY PLAN

The Wage Indemnity Plan Trustees would like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday Season. As winter is upon us, we would like to take this opportunity to remind members again of a few of the important guidelines for the application to the Wage Indemnity Plan as well as Manion’s seasonal hours.

Manion Hours
Friday December 22, 2023  – CLOSURE AT 1:00 PM EST
Monday December 25, 2023 – CLOSED
Tuesday December 26, 2023 – CLOSED
Friday December 29, 2023 – CLOSURE at 1:00pm EST
Monday January 1, 2024 – CLOSED

WIP Application Package – English

Union 24 hour Emergency Line 1(866)764-0192
14 days to see a Medical Practitioner from the first flight missed
You must see a medical professional within 14 days of the day you first miss work to qualify for benefits commencing on the 8th day of your disability.

When utilizing the Air Canada Maple app for an absence of 14 days or less, a Medical Practitioner’s Questionnaire is not required. Please obtain and submit a copy of the Medical Notes and Clinical Comments, available for you to download from within the Maple app, and submit with your other claim forms.

Your Medical Practitioner is only required to complete one of the applicable forms; physical health condition, or mental health condition in the WIP Application package unless you have both conditions.

Note that the following medical professionals you are seeking treatment from may sign the Medical Practitioner’s Questionnaire:

  • MD (any traditional medical doctor / family physician / specialist)
  • Nurse Practitioner

The following medical professionals: Dentists, Midwives, Chiropractors, used as first point of contact for Medical Treatment, may sign the for disabilities of a duration of 14 days or less. You must be under the care of a medical doctor after 14 days for continuation of coverage.

Have your medical professional clearly indicate the diagnosis, complications (if any), treatment, medication and all dates of visits.

30 days for a submission of an application from first day of work missed
You must submit proof of disability WITHIN 30 DAYS of your first day of work missed.

If you are submitting your claim late (after 30 days) please provide a written explanation regarding the delay. You may not be entitled to receive benefits for any period prior to the date Manion receives all required documentation unless you can show sufficient reason in writing as to why you could not meet the deadline.

30 days to prepay for a LOA, from commencement of the LOA
Prepayment of premiums is required for an absence from the payroll of 16 or more calendar days. You must prepay the required premium in full within 30 days of the commencement of LOA in order to be eligible for benefit consideration following the end of the period.

If your leave of absence of 16 or more calendar days precedes your vacation and you have not prepaid the premium for that leave of absence, coverage will not be reinstated until you return to active work.

30 Days to pay for RBP Reduced Block program
Members participating in the Reduced Block Program have the option to top-up their Wage Indemnity Plan (WIP) insurable earnings at a flat rate of 35 hours per month in the event that you become disabled during the RBP. This will ensure that the month following the conclusion of your RBP, if you continue to be disabled, your top-up would then take effect and your earnings would be calculated.

Book-off – March 2024 – earnings based on Dec 2023 / Jan 2024 / Feb 2024 flying pay.
Dec flying hours – 38
Jan flying hours – 36
Feb flying hours – 34

For the 3 months, December, January and February, your 3 months average flying hours would be equal to 36 hours. You would be paid 36 hours through to the termination of your RBP in 2024, inclusive as long as you continue to meet the definition of totally disabled from your own occupation as a Flight Attendant. If you remain disabled and continue to qualify for benefits beyond the termination of the RBP, and if you opted to top-up, based on the calculation below, your disability payments would go from 36 hours to 71 hours per month.

The top-up for the RBP is 35 hours, and is based on your hourly rate x 3.8 % plus the Employer’s cost of 1.07% as well as applicable taxes.

30 Days from the end of EI carve out period
30 days to provide proof of disability from the termination of your disability benefits under the Employment Insurance act of Canada in order to reinstate your claim und the Wage Indemnity plan.

30 days from the Recurrence of a Disability
If you return to active work on a full-time basis following a period of total disability for which benefits were payable and, within 31 days, again become totally disabled due to the same causes, you will be considered to have been continuously disabled for the purposes of the elimination period. If the subsequent disability is due to entirely different causes and separated by less than one full day during which you are actively at work, you will be considered to have been continuously disabled for the purposes of the elimination period.

If you have questions on the Wage Indemnity Plan please contact me at

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