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REMINDER – Stress Assess Survey

If you haven’t already out the Stress Assess survey, this is an urgent reminder. Your input is both valued and needed for the survey to be a success.  To get a representative picture of how people are feeling about the workplace we are aiming for at least a 30% response rate.  We currently have a 17.5% response rate.  For this reason, we want to strongly urge you to participate.  The survey can be accessed at the following link and should take about 20 minutes to complete.

CLICK HERE to access the survey in English.

CLICK HERE to access the survey in French.

Your answers will be kept in confidence and only the group results will be reported.  The goal is to identify the main concerns so that we can consider ways to strengthen the psychosocial climate in our workplace. Participation is completely voluntary, but the more who participate the stronger the validity of the results.

If you have any concerns or questions about the survey, please email and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

Thank you for supporting our efforts as a union to promote positive initiatives supporting mental health in the workplace.

In solidarity,

Your Air Canada Component of CUPE Occupational Health and Safety Committee