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Reporting Follow Up Bulletin

The Union needs your feedback about passenger mask compliance!

The Union is busy discussing the clear problems you have been raising about mask compliance and service issues onboard with the respective government agencies as well as management.

In order to best illustrate the problem and help us advocate on your behalf we are sharing the following link that will take you to a convenient form where you can advise the Union about mask-related problems onboard.

Remember this does NOT get sent to the company so you must still file all required reports.

Member Resources – AC Component – See forms section > Mask Compliance Form

Follow-up about reporting:

On July 19, 2021 the Union issued a bulletin about reporting (you can consult it HERE). Based on your feedback, we have created the following Q & A:

Q1:         The FAM says to complete an H&S Complaint eReport “if you believe on reasonable grounds that there has been a contravention of the Canada Labour Code Part II.” What does this mean? (FAM
A1:         Employers are held to a high standard for safety. This is covered by a general duty clause in the law which states that “…every employer shall ensure that the health and safety at work of every person employed by the employer is protected.” (CLC Part II s124)

Simply put, anything that could negatively affect workplace safety and/or create a potential hazard is something that the company should address, and that should be reported using this report.

Q2:         When I select a health and safety complaint eReport, it suggests first discussing it with a manager. Is this mandatory? What if I wrote about it on Yammer?
A2:         The Canada Labour Code Part II (Code) states that a Health and Safety complaint can be filed verbally or in writing to the employer– it doesn’t specify any type of report. If you raise a complaint verbally or on Yammer then THAT is your complaint and the company must begin attempting to resolve it with you as of that point in time.

However, YOUR UNION strongly suggests documenting a verbal complaint or a Yammer post using a health and safety complaint e-report since this is the dedicated channel for these issues.  This ensures that things are documented, tracked in the H&S database and that you get proper follow-up. YOUR UNION Health and Safety representatives are also able to see your complaint as it is being responded to in the system.

To document a previously reported (verbal, Yammer, other) complaint:
1. The H&S Complaint eReport asks “Did you try to resolve the concern with your supervisor”.
2. Select YES
3. State when and with whom in your report.

If management is unable to resolve the issue with you or it has been more than 30 days, you can refer your complaint to the joint committee for investigation.

Q3:         When I click “submit” I get an “unknown error” message.
A3:         We have flagged this issue to the company. In the meanwhile, there is a fix that you only need to do once:

1. In the report window, click the “set department” button in the bottom right
2. Search for “in-flight”
3. Select “in-flight department”
4. Click submit.

Q4:         I got a response from my manager but want to refer the complaint to the health and safety committee. How do I do that?
A4:         Just below the box with the manager’s response it says, “click the following link to submit your answer”.

1. Click the link.
2. Select whether the complaint is resolved or not. Selecting that it is not resolved will automatically place the complaint on the workplace health and safety committee’s agenda.
3. The system will ask why it isn’t resolved, briefly state why.

Q5:         My in-charge or captain said they’d file a report. Do I still have to do one?
A5:         Yes. It is everyone’s responsibility to file reports – including disruptive passenger security e-reports. That’s why they’re included in our ART each year. You only need to jot down the basic facts. Someone can always follow up for more information, but they can’t do anything about an issue that hasn’t been reported at all.

Q6:         The Disruptive Passenger Security eReport asks for details I don’t have. Can I still file one?
A6:         Yes. Just input the information that you do know. For mask compliance the most important information is flight, date, seat number, brief description, name of the passenger (if you happen to know it). For a group of persons, itemize them all in the comment box.