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Reserve Committee Update – Call-In Reserve

Please note this is specific to Mainline Reserve members.
There has been much discussion on the procedures when it comes to call-in Reserve days and more notably the call-in process.
Calling crew scheduling the day prior when scheduled to be on call-in Reserve the next day
Article B8.13 is specific to Call-In Reserve:

  • B8.13.01 – An employee who is scheduled on call‑in reserve will be required to contact the Crew Resource Centre the day prior to his/her duty day for flight assignment.  The call‑in time will be estab­lished at each Base by mutual agreement between the Crew Resource Centre and the Local President.  The call‑in time will be published with the monthly block package at each Base.
  • B8.13.02 – An employee while on call‑in may be requested to call back provided the call back time is within the specified call‑in period.
  • B8.13.03 – An employee on call‑in reserve must call in the day prior to a scheduled duty day even if the call‑in time falls on a day off, or vacation day.  However the employee may request to be placed on ready reserve on his/her first duty day following any time off in order to preclude the requirement of making a call‑in prior to the first duty day.  Such arrangement must be made in advance with the Crew Resource Centre.
  • B8.13.04 – An employee who is on call‑in reserve is released from the obliga­tion to stand‑by on reserve, however if contacted s/he must accept flight assignment provided s/he is legal in all respects.

Checking out when on a call-in Reserve day:
Further to the above, if you finish your pairing on a call-in day, or have been assigned airport standby on a call-in day, at the termination of your duty day, you are required to call and check out.  Again, this is only applicable when you are returning on a “C” day or have done airport standby on a “C” day.  You are not required to check out on an “R” day, GDO or RDO.
This is explained in detail in B8.27.03.03 below:

  • B8.27.03.03 – When an employee checks in with the Crew Resource Centre following the completion of an assigned pairing, s/he may be awarded another assignment at that time.  If such assignment departs at 1200 hours or later the next day, s/he will be released from reserve duty until the required report time of the assigned pairing. 
  • If s/he is not assigned a flight at that time, s/he will be required to contact the Crew Resource Centre upon completion of his/her crew rest or at his/her option at the normal call‑in time during his/her crew rest.

The part we wish to clarify for all is the second paragraph, you are not required to call-in the night prior to a “C” day if you are on legal crew rest, you have the option if you wish, but you are not required.
Call-in Reserve Conversion:
Please note, that with the above being said, you are still required to call-in, and if you are not assigned a cycle or airport standby, you should see your schedule converted to an “R” day or a “reserve release”.

  • B8.27.02 – At call-in time, the Crew Scheduler will either assign a flight sequence, change the reserve cabin attendant’s status to “ready reserve” or release the reserve cabin attendant until next call-in time.

The Union monitors the conversion ratio on a weekly and monthly basis, and we would appreciate you reporting anytime you have called-in and the “C” day has remained on your schedule when an assignment or release was not given.  The Company has a duty to maintain a 25% conversion ratio, meaning changing members from “C” day to “R” day.  In order to keep the number below 25%, the Company should be assigning pairings, airport standby or reserve releases.  We would appreciate any feedback to the above.

  • B8.29 CONVERSION – Call in reserve may be required to convert to ready reserve at call-in time or at any other time if contacted. Such conversion is to avoid excessive drafting or operational disruption. The Company will ensure that no more than 25 per cent of call-in reserves at Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver bases will be converted to ready reserve calculated on a monthly basis. The Company will ensure that no more than 25 per cent of call-in reserve in Calgary will be converted to ready reserve calculated on a quarterly basis. The Company will monitor this on a daily basis and will provide this monitoring to the Union upon request.

September and October should be less hectic than what we have been experiencing, we wish you all safe flying, great new destinations and great times with some of the best colleagues our industry has.
I’d also like to welcome our newer Flight Attendants at both Mainline and Rouge, please know the Reserve Committee members are available at all bases, please note them down the right side of this bulletin, as well I am available by the email below 24/7 to assist with any concerns or questions you have, the information will always be relayed to your Local Union office for review and follow-up as needed.
Again, welcome and please reach out anytime.
In solidarity,
Wesley Lesosky
Reserve Committee