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Reserve – RDO Premium

Dear Reserve Members,
We have received many enquiries at the local and component levels with regards to members advising that they no longer see the DR code when working into an RDO.
B8.06.01 illustrates when you are entitled to the premium:
In the event that a Reserve Blockholder is assigned a pairing that operates into a non-inviolate (RDO) day off s/he shall receive a premium of fifty (50%) percent on all flight time credits for flight/s operated on the affected days off with a minimum of four (4) hours pay per scheduled day off affected. This premium will be for pay purposes only. The RDO will be slid in accordance with B8.06 Note 2.
B8.06 – NOTE 2: Days off will be scheduled to start at 0001 hours. However, if the employee is flown into his/her days off, the days off will start twelve (12) hours after the termination of his/her last duty period.
When you are assigned to work into an RDO, the crew schedulers system (Netline) will see this and automatically apply a tag “RDO Premium”.  This premium ensures you will be paid the premium as per the Collective Agreement.
Members have been reporting that they are not seeing anything in Globe to reference the premium that is to be paid, so we wanted to advise this is an automatic premium payment.
If you have any further questions please feel free to let your local know, or you can email us at the email below.  Your local along with crew schedulers are able to verify that the premium is applied.
Enjoy your long weekend and please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding the above issue or any other reserve conditions.
In solidarity,
Wesley Lesosky
Chairperson, Reserve Committee