days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Return to Work Process

As the pandemic continues, there have been updates regarding the process required for a return to work. This has impacted our members returning from long term leaves such as maternity leaves, etc. Many of you have reached out to us We have heard from many of you and know you have questions and issues with this process. It can be as simple as a question regarding who your manager is or the process for renewing your RAIC.

We are currently working closely with the Company to compile an all-inclusive return to work package that will help members have a smooth transition returning from a long-term absence such as family care, parental leave, maternity leave etc. Some of the key aspects within this package includes the updated network of managers to contact, optional workshop for in-person briefing, and a detailed from-here-to-there booklet. We will update you when we receive more information from the Company. In the meantime should you have any concerns or inquiries please send them to

In Solidarity,

Cassandra Shum
Chair, Component Womens Committee