days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.


The Union has been inundated with those who are seeking further information on the announcement from Air Canada today informing us that Rouge will be restarting in the third quarter.

We have been in discussions with the Company on the planned start-up, but until we have a confirmed date/block month and a visual of what the start-up at Air Canada Rouge will be, it is hard to inform members of what this will look like.

We can confirm that all spots open at either Air Canada Mainline OR Air Canada Rouge will be offered to members, in seniority order, from the Master Cabin Personnel Seniority List. This is supported fully by clear language in our Collective Agreement.

All members that are offered positions at Air Canada Rouge, who are current Air Canada Mainline members will maintain their Air Canada pay, benefits and pension.  Work rules, vacation time and sick time will fall to LOU 55 of the Collective Agreement.

When we know more about this we will certainly provide updated information as we understand how important it is.

In solidarity,