Seniority List Update – March 5, 2021 / Mise à jour de la liste d’ancienneté – 5 mars 2021

Please see this month’s Seniority List Update. As previously mentioned, we will resume more regular updates when recalls resume, hopefully in the near future.

Updated Seniority List
Your Union has updated the seniority list with the most recent layoffs and retirements using information provided by Air Canada. We have added Employee numbers to the list based on membership feedback. The list is still based on your 2020 Master Cabin Personnel Seniority number, as the 2021 Seniority numbers are not final until the process outlined in Article 16.08 is complete.

*** Please note there may be errors or omissions, if you are aware of any please contact your union. You will also note that those members on leaves but senior enough to avoid layoff will be coded as Active ***

Click HERE for an Updated Seniority List as of the March 2021 Block Month.

In addition, please see the current retirement numbers below.  You can also view full details over the past three years by clicking HERE.

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