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Seniority Lists Now Available on Globe/C1 Passes

We wanted to reiterate that the seniority lists are available now on Globe, and not only accessible through Globe in the Comm Centres.  You can access this from home or on layover at  In-Flight Service > Crew Scheduling & Planning > Seniority Numbers > Seniority Re-sequence in 2020.

Seniority Lists – Mainline and Rouge

Please note the following language is applicable to both Mainline and Rouge.  We always advise you to take a quick look to ensure your seniority is correct on the published list.  This should be made available via Globe and put out to both Mainline and Rouge prior to February 1, 2020.  If you see an error or omission, please ensure you contact the Union immediately so it can be reviewed.

16.08.04 Prior to February 1st in any year, Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge shall post, at each Air Canada Mainline Cabin Personnel Base and at each Air Canada Rouge Base, a copy of the Flight Attendant and In-Charge seniority lists applicable to Air Canada and Air Canada Rouge indicating the respective seniority of each employee within his/her classification as of January 1st in that year, as well as a copy of the Master Cabin Personnel Seniority List.

16.08.05 Prior to March 1st in that year, an employee may protest, in writing, to Air Canada or Air Canada Rouge (as applicable) any error or omission affecting his/her seniority.

16.08.06 Prior to April 1st, the revised lists indicating any changes resulting from any protest found valid shall be posted.

16.08.07 Prior to May 1st, any employee whose seniority was affected by any change made to the initial seniority list may protest, in writing, to the Air Canada or Air Canada Rouge (as applicable) with a copy to the Component President of the Union.

16.08.08 Prior to June 1st, the final seniority lists, which will be conclusive of Cabin Personnel seniority as of January 1st in that year shall be posted.

C1 Passes

Please note these passes are only contractual for the Mainline members, these do not apply to our Rouge members.