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Settlement for Recently Filed Grievance CHQ-21-15

he Union would like to advise that we have reached a settlement for the recently filed grievance regarding managers covering cabin crew over the past weekend.

To see a copy of grievance CHQ-21-15 click HERE, and to view the recently issued bulletin please click HERE.

The general terms of the settlement are as follows:
• It has been agreed that there will be a short crewing premium applied to flights that had managers assigned to them;
• The company will immediately implement a 50% premium for Voluntary Extension for the remainder of the August 2021 block month;
• The Company assures CUPE that additional recalls will be expedited.

Once this settlement was agreed to, the company advised that a further 356 cabin crew are being recalled within the next 48-72 hours.  We will update you with a recall bulletin when we have the final information on this.

We continue to appreciate the reports coming in, so that we may continue to address the reality you are facing with short crewing, capped loads, excessive drafting, and health and safety concerns with the recent high level of cases of COVID positive passengers on board.  We are in discussions with the company on these issues and will advise when we have any further information.

In solidarity,