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Settlement of CHQ-18-72, CHQ-19-24 and Related Grievances – Deferred Salary Plan

The Union filed policy grievances CHQ-18-72 and CHQ-19-24 and other individual grievances about Air Canada’s failure to offer all six (6) Deferred Salary Program options. This included our assertions that there was a failure to publish the Deferred Salary Program award list on the employee portal. On November 29, 2021, these grievances were scheduled for arbitration before Arbitrator Kaplan.  The Union is happy to report that the Union and the Company were able to come to a settlement on these matters.  We reached a go forward resolution that will now secure certainty with regards to all six (6) options of the Deferred Salary Program being offered and awarded. There is a minimum number of DSP’s that must be awarded every year. In addition, the Deferred Salary Program award list will be published and provided to the membership.  Please see link to the settlement HERE.

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