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Settlement of CHQ-21-18

The Union would like to advise that we have reached a settlement for the recently filed grievance regarding the Company’s violation of our block rules at the end of the August 2021 block month. To see a copy of grievance CHQ-21-18 click HERE.

The general terms of the settlement are as follows:

  • The Company will apply a 50% premium to flights that had managers assigned to them during the full August 2021 block month;
  • The company will retroactively provide a 100% premium for Voluntary Extension for the entire August 2021 block month. Those that did VE flying at the start of the August 2021 block month will now also receive this 100% premium;
  • The Company will also pay $100.00 per Cabin Personnel who operated a B5 domestic or overseas widebody flight leg that was short crewed during the August 2021 block month.

A full copy of the MOS can be accessed HERE. Unfortunately these changes were not finalized prior to the payroll extract, so will not be included on your August block pay and instead will be included on your October 17, 2021 paycheque.
The Union will continue to monitor drafting and short crewing occurrences and has already seen considerable improvements since the start of the September block month. We are also happy to see a steady stream of recalls continuing over the past few weeks and are very hopeful that the staffing shortages of last month are not repeated.

We continue to appreciate the reports coming in so that we may continue to address the realities you are facing with short crewing, drafting, and health and safety concerns.

In solidarity,