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Settlement on Service Director Duty Period Limitations

In February 2017, the Air Canada Component of CUPE filed a grievance about the duty period limitation for Service Directors. That grievance has proceeded through the grievance and arbitration process. During that process and with the assistance of the arbitrator, the Union and Management were able to settle the grievance.

The terms of the settlement provide that all Service Directors on the service director seniority list as of October 15th, 2019, who were active in at least one month since February 2017, will receive $150.00 as a one-time compensation.

The issue of duty period limitation for Service Directors will be addressed during the ongoing 2019-2022 re-opener discussions between Management and the Union. Between now and the end of the re-opener discussions, the current status quo will be maintained, meaning that all Service Directors’ pre duty period time in excess of Flight Attendants’ pre duty period time will not be included in the duty period limitations.

In Solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE