days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Short Crewing Issues, Drafting and Last Sold Seat Violations

We have been receiving many reports of Short Crewing Issues, Drafting and Last Sold Seat Violations.  To date, for the month of April 2021, we have tracked the following:

– 35 Short Crewed Flights
– 127 Drafts

These numbers are system wide, and in the view of the Union, are not acceptable when there are members on layoff.  We have raised the concerns this week with the company, and will continue to bring this forward and push for recalls to start.  We should not be in the position to have members being forced into drafts and having to work faster on board to complete the tasks at hand with limited crews.

Knowing this is a strong concern for all members, we are happy to announce some new forms that have been added to both the Air Canada Component App and the Component Website to make it easier for you to report issues to the Union in a timely manner.

The new forms are:
1. Short Crewing Report
2. Draft Reports
3. Last Sold Seat Violation

These forms can be found on the Component App under Resources > Member Resources > Forms, or on the Component Website under Resources > Forms.  They can be easily filled out in the app or on the website and immediately received by your Local Union office and Component.

If you have not done so already, you can download the App here:
IOS (Apple) download
Android download

Your login information for the Air Canada Component App is the same as your login for the website,  If you have not signed into the website since we updated it in 2019 you will need a password, which can be obtained by clicking on the “Forgot Your Password” link at the bottom of the website’s sign in section. If you have not received your password reset in 24 hours check your junk email folder. Please do not submit multiple requests in the 24 hour time frame.

In solidarity,