days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Sick Leave

At a recent Executive meeting, your ACCEX discussed the continued practices of the employer in relation to the use of contractually provided sick leave entitlements. Members have reported to us that they have been impacted and have been asked for a medical note to substantiate an absence.

The Canada Labour code does allow employers to make requests for substantiation in some circumstances, but it is certainly not a carte blanche and open-ended management right. As we are all acutely aware, the medical system in Canada is under strain. Access to physicians is limited and our hard-earned sick time should be used to rest and recover and not to be chasing increasingly rare doctor’s appointments. During the holiday season there will be an influx of seasonal colds and flu.

We have filed grievances on these sick leave policy changes. If you have evidence of unreasonable behaviour on the part of the employer, please reach out to your local office with your examples and for support.

In the interim:

1. If Air Canada requests a note from a medical practitioner, you have the option of utilizing the Maple app for a virtual appointment as you see fit. This is a benefit provided for the members and we suggest that if you have not taken advantage of it, to do so.

2. When booking back on, please make sure to do so when you are fit to return to work.

3. Please note that as per company policy a Continuous Absence is an absence in which an employee books off – books on, followed by another book off without a scheduled duty in between. If you want to make sure that the absence is not treated as continuous, you will need to advise them that the 2 book-offs were for different or separate illnesses. It may be your preference to ensure that your absences are properly represented. If your book-off was for the same illness there is no need to advise them.

4. Please ensure to book off more than 4 hours prior to departure if circumstances allow.

NOTE: Medical certificates can now be provided by health care practitioners, not only physicians.

Part III of the Canada Labour Code defines a health care practitioner as a person lawfully entitled, under the laws of a province, to provide health services in the place in which they provide those services.

We want to wish all members a safe and healthy holiday season. You do much of the heaving lifting and bringing families together during one of the busiest times of year. Your contributions are valuable.

In Unity,

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