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Staffing Shortage Update

We wanted to provide you with an update on the continued short staffing situation.  As you are likely aware, In-Flight Managers were used to cover open flying during the August 7th-8th weekend. The Union immediately filed grievance CHQ-21-15 and was successful in reaching an expedited settlement. The settlement included a premium on VE flights assigned to members as of the date of the agreement through to the end of the August block month, a short crewing premium for members who had worked with management onboard, as well as a commitment to immediate recalls. A final version of the settlement can be access by clicking HERE.

The Union became aware that In-Flight Managers were used once again this past weekend to cover open pairings. The settlement reached last week provided a short crewing premium for the affected pairings over the August 7th-8th weekend, as we did not endorse the continued use of management on board our flights. As such, we began discussions with the Company this morning on how to deal with the violations of this past weekend.

We are also reviewing potential grievance options regarding the short-crewing of wide-body flights. The Collective Agreement provides for a 50% short-crewing premium for B14, LOU 18, LOU 22A and LOU 22B flights. While B5 flying is not specifically mentioned in the short crewing premium outlined in L60.04.04, it is the Union’s position that these flights cannot go short due to the negotiated language of L60.04.01.

L60.04.01 The minimum scheduled crew complement on all wide-body flights shall be no less than one Cabin Crew member per forty passenger seats.

In the case of overseas wide-body flights with a maximum duty period of 14 hours, the minimum scheduled widebody aircraft basic crew complement shall be no less than one Cabin Crew member per forty passenger seats based on a 1:40 passenger seat ratio and, there will be a sufficient number of Cabin Personnel for one to be assigned to each door of the aircraft.

We will continue to provide updates on the staffing situation; however, the Company has advised that they do anticipate the situation to improve as the 148 members recalled on August 5th come on the line next week.  In addition, as per the settlement of CHQ-21-15, the Company recalled 463 members on August 8th and 356 members on August 11th. These additional members will also assist the staffing situation and hopefully allow for a more normal September.

In solidarity,