days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Support for Iranian Women

These past few months have given rise to a very profound issue which is impacting women in Iran and around the world. There have been numerous protests which were triggered in mid-September by the death of a young Iranian Kurdish woman, Mahsa Amini who was in the custody of the “morality police” for allegedly violating Iran’s strict rules requiring women to cover their hair with a hijab, or headscarf. The first protests took place after Mahsa Amini’s death. Women have been seen removing their headscarves in solidarity.

This protest and demonstrations are unprecedented and represent the most organized and long lasting that the country has seen. The most remarkable thing about them is that women and girls have taken a leading role. They do this despite incredible risk and endangerment to themselves and their families.

Each step that women take forward is a step forward for all women. The protests are now expanding. School girls have taken up the cause. There is no end it sight. Violence towards these protestors continues.

We write this bulletin to you today to ask that you show your support in small and in large ways. Educate your daughters, sisters, aunts, and mothers about what is going on. This is an historic moment in history. We honour and respect a woman’s right to choose for herself.  Let us not forget the sacrifices that many women continue to make around the world to have respect and to be treated as equals.  Get involved. Attend a protest near you.

In Solidarity,

Cassandra Shum
Chair, Component Women’s Committee