days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Surplus Update 19

Over the last few days, we have received many questions about the Company’s mitigation program. We have compiled a list of the most common ones:

Do I need to apply for mitigation?
No, you should only be applying for mitigation options you are willing to accept. If you are senior enough to hold flying, you very likely will be placed on one of the mitigation options you select. You do not need to select all choices. If you are only interested in the 12-month SLOA, place that as “Choice 1” and leave the other choices blank.

If you apply for the resignation or retirement option, you WILL get it. You are ending your employment relationship with Air Canada or Air Canada Rouge and do not have recall rights.

Is there EI top up paid on the Reduced Block Program (RBP)?  What is the Union doing to get it?
Currently there is no EI top-up for the RBP. Your union requested weeks ago that the Company apply for the EI Workshare program and to date has still not heard back. If you apply for the RBP, at the current time you should not expect an EI top-up. If the program is later applied for and approved, then you would be able to receive the top-up.

Am I able to apply for CERB when I take a SLOA?
Our best advice would be to contact Service Canada. The CERB has different eligibility requirements than EI and you may be able to apply based on your specific circumstances. Please see the following link on “Who can apply” for the CERB:

When I apply for the RBP the link for the pension option is missing.  What do I do?
The form has now been corrected. When indicating your preference, you can select between the two pension options on an RBP. If you have already submitted a request for the RBP, you should go back to the form and adjust your selection.

I would like to take a voluntary layoff, is this an option?
Unfortunately this is not an option. Layoffs will be done in reverse seniority order.

If I hold a route language or am bilingual, am I protected from a layoff?
No, language has no bearing on layoffs or recalls. Your position on the Master Seniority List is all that is considered.

What is happening with the Air Transat acquisition?
We have no further information on the Air Transat acquisition at this time.

I have more specific questions, who do I contact?
We are still able to assist you, but if your questions are of a specific nature we would encourage you to reach out to Crew Planning or ask questions in the Yammer group set-up by the Company, as this is the Company’s mitigation program. The Yammer group is entitled CUPE Mitigation Q&A // FAQ sur l’atténuation du SCFP

Thank you for all of your questions and support during these difficult times. We understand that these are tough choices and will continue to provide information as soon as it comes available.

In solidarity,