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Surplus Update 20

The Union has been officially advised of the expected number of surplus cabin personnel for next month. The Company is expecting to need 5,600 fewer active mainline cabin personnel.  This is on top of the 1,500 Rouge members who will all be placed on layoff status for the June block month.  There is no scheduled Rouge flying for June 2020.

Although mitigations will only be offered to those that have the seniority to remain active next month, please continue to bid for mitigations if you are not interested in flying next month and into the foreseeable future. As those senior members are awarded mitigation options, they will save someone junior from potential layoff and in turn that junior member becomes eligible for mitigation thus saving a further person junior to them from layoff. Please remember that mitigation selections will close on Monday, May 25th at 08:00 EDT.

The Company will also be publishing an updated seniority List on Aeronet, that removes those who have left the Company since January 2020. The list will still include those who are on inactive status, which is approximately 700 members. Once updated, it can be found here:

It bears repeating that there are no numbers by classification or by base. Surplus flight attendants will be considered in seniority order based on the Master Seniority list irrespective of classification or base.

Please continue to ask your questions on Yammer or to Crew Planning. You Union will also continue to assist you through this difficult time.

In solidarity,