days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

Surplus Update 21

As the mitigation bid process is complete, we now move forward to the award process and then to the layoff process. We wanted to update you on a variety of issues.  We have reached out to Labour Relations on many of them to get clarity for those that have had unanswered questions.

Language Positions
We have received many emails on the current block packages and language assignments, please ensure you send these emails to your local PBS committees for review.  We understand that there are less language positions and it is notably due to the “possible” lack of language speakers post mitigations and layoff.  It is also important to note that the Collective Agreement only provides for a maximum amount of language positions, not a minimum.

If you are a member that will be subject to layoff, your notice will be sent to your Air Canada e-mail account by May 29th at 23:00 EDT.  As previously noted, please ensure your account is set up if you have not already done so.  The Company will also send out a hard copy to your mailing address on file. Please ensure all contact information is up to date.  To update your information, you can make changes via the HR Connex Home Page under the section “Personal Information change” or contact the Employee Care Team at 1-833-847-3675. Your Union also keeps track of your contact information, please email with any updates.

Bidding – June 2020
Please remember to submit a PBS Bid for the June block month. Bidding closes on Saturday, May 30th at 08:00 EDT, 06:00 MDT, and 05:00 PDT.

Award results will be sent to your Air Canada e-mail account by May 29th at 23:00 EDT.  This will include a reference to the terms and conditions of the mitigation you are awarded. They can also be found HERE.

June 2020 Vacation
As per the recent company bulletin:

Crew members placed on voluntary or involuntary CEWS in May, with vacation overlapping the May and June block month, had their June vacation removed to avoid conflicts.

All Flight Attendants returning from May CEWS to active service in June will have their June vacation re-instated with a start date of June 7. Any portion of the vacation that fell prior to June 7 can be rescheduled elsewhere in the vacation year provided the dates could have been held in the second round of the annual vacation award.

Active crew may contact Crew Planning to reschedule outstanding vacation starting June 10, 2020.

We understand this has created a lot of confusion, and appreciate the frustration, however your vacation should be in PBS now and available for correct bidding limitations.

Uniform and Accessories
In the mitigation package, it was noted that:

“Pay cheque deductions are suspended for the duration of your layoff. If there is an outstanding balance at the time of layoff, it will be cleared on your final pay cheque. You are not required to return your uniform while on layoff.”

The Union has reached out to the employer as we see this as a financial hardship and completely unrealistic especially if they intend to call members back, and to have those members in uniform.  We are in an era where uniform perfection is considered to be mandatory, so we over order, stock up and ensure the alterations are done, using our hard-earned cash. This is not reasonable, and we hope that they reconsider their approach.

COVID-19 Leave Questions 
All COVID-19 leave questions need to go to the employer directly.  Unfortunately, we are not able to answer eligibility questions for this leave, only the employer can.  This is a Government sanctioned leave and has specific terms and conditions.

Who do you ask questions to at the company?
Many of you have reached out and were frustrated that the Company and Crew Planning have advised that questions needed to be asked through Yammer.  The Union wants to reiterate that you also have a management team that is available at all bases to offer support.  We strongly advise you to reach out directly to your manager if you have time sensitive, personal, or individual questions.  Many things posted on Yammer are broad answers and should not be relied on for your specific question.  Yammer is great to research policy items and to ask questions that are answered with a definite yes or no but is not a panacea for those with unique circumstances.

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS)
As you are likely aware, the CEWS program was recently extended to August 29, 2020 by the Federal Government. However, Air Canada has maintained that they will not continue the program for those they do not anticipate requiring to work in the next few months. This is unfortunate as we have it on good authority that other major airlines within Canada are most likely to provide the extension to their employees.

Your Union is always available for you.  We have amazing reps at the Local level and your Component Officers remain available around the clock.  We also have EAP, Health and Safety and Workers Compensation Reps available. Please do not hesitate to reach out and next week we will ensure that we have a Q&A aligned to answer and address questions related to layoff and recall. We know that these are challenging times and our network of Union colleagues will be there to support you.

In solidarity,