days until our Collective Agreement expires, we are preparing, we are united and we will make change.

WIP Claim Form

Use this form to apply for benefits under the Air Canada Component’s Wage Indemnity Plan. Send the completed Claimant’s Statement by mail, fax or email ( Do NOT use crew boxes or leave at the airport office. WIP Claim Form – 2019 – English

Contribution Holiday October through December 2017

Your Board of Trustees has approved a Contribution Holiday and the Employer was contacted in July 2017 with its 60 day notice as per the Collective Agreement. What this means is that commencing with the October 2017 Block Month through to December 2017 Block Month the 2.30% Wage Indemnity contributions will not be deducted from …

Top Up Reminder – Reduced Block Program 2017 – 2018

The Reduced Block Program commences with the October 2017 Block Month. For members who are participating in the Reduced Block Program who wish to Top-Up their earnings in the event that they are unable to return to full duties at the end of the RBP due to an unforeseen disability, please contact Manion Contact Centre …

Wage Indemnity Plan – SSQ Policy Booklet

The Wage Indemnity Plan covers all flight attendants employed under the jurisdiction of the Air Canada Component of CUPE by an airline participating in the Wage Indemnity Plan. You will be advised of the amount of your contribution when you enrol for the coverage. The coverages are described in the Summary of Coverages and the coverage description pages. Summary …

How to File a Wage Indemnity Claim

In the document attached below, you will find the following categories:

Employer’s Statement

Claimant’s Statement

Physician’s Statement


Applying for benefits – Time limits