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Temporary B7 Pre-award Process Due to Mandatory Pre-departure PCR Testing

The Union and the Company have recently come to an agreement on the assignment of flying to destinations that require PCR and/or antigen testing in the days leading up to your flight.

Effective July 16, 2021, this will be in effect.

Please CLICK HERE for a signed copy of the signed document.

Please note all steps of the B7 pre-award process for open flights to destinations that require completion of a test within the days leading up to the open flights, including the draft award, will be on a voluntary basis.

This will enable our members wishing to do Voluntary Extension on long range flying with testing the ability to do so, as well as our Reserve members the opportunity to pre-select and be awarded during the call out process these flights.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your Union for clarity.

In solidarity,

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