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Tenant Rights In The Time Of COVID-19

The Union has been made aware of several incidents wherein our members, along with their fellow tenants, are being harassed by superintendents and landlords in the buildings in which they rent.  In particular, the Union has been advised by multiple members that they are being asked to disclose their nationality and/or citizenship or residency status.  Members have also been asked to disclose whether they have recently traveled outside the country.

While it may be that building owners and managers are trying to protect their tenants and have the best intentions in mind, please note that tenants have specific rights.  These rights differ among the provinces and territories.

If you or one of your colleagues has experienced this kind of behaviour, we encourage you to make use of the resources below, depending on your province of residence.  We have identified resources in each of our bases, and former bases, and the contacts at each should be able to connect you with or direct you to more local resources should you live away from the airport base.

Tenant Resource and Advisory Centre

Centre for Public Legal Education Alberta

Winnipeg Rental Network

Federation of Metro Tenants’ Associations

Régie du logement

Dalhousie Legal Aid Service

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