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Thank You Julie

Dear members, 

I write to you today to express my deep and everlasting gratitude to YUL flight attendant Julie Pelletier, who is leaving her long-standing position as Component Chairperson for the Health and Safety Committee to return to flying. 
Julie is the perfect example of the incredibly difficult and thankless work that goes on behind the scenes at the Union. She has been working so hard for a decade for the Health and Safety of Air Canada Cabin Crew members, and her tireless efforts have had a profound impact on our community. Hers was a position of constant, frustrating battles on our behalf, with never-ending obstacles being thrown her way from many different sources. We have been extremely lucky to have Julie on our side – her invaluable years of experience and training, her deeply entrenched knowledge and understanding of our issues, along with her mastery of the complex policies that dictate our work environment was a rare and precious commodity. For years now, she has worked so many long days on our behalf, with very little rest throughout. Julie is an extraordinarily intelligent, driven and determined worker, and despite working in a position mostly unrecognized by our community, her hard work, patience and self-sacrifice has improved the lives of so many of us.
I ask you all to please join me in thanking Julie for her immense contribution to our community, and wish her a warm welcome back to flying. Julie, we will miss you at Health & Safety, but we wish you all the best for the future.
Simultaneously, I would like to wish a warm welcome to our newly-appointed Component Health & Safety Chairperson Jordan Bray-Stone. Jordan, we’re very glad to have you join the team.

In solidarity,

Michel Cournoyer
President, Air Canada Component of CUPE