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The Recall Process to Air Canada Rouge

This bulletin is being provided as guidance and for informational purposes only.  If there is any variance between this bulletin and the Collective Agreement or any applicable legislation, they shall take precedence.

Dear Members,

With the announcement of Rouge restarting in the coming weeks, we wanted to provide a more detailed breakdown of Article 17 and the recall process. Since any recalls offered in the next round will go to Mainline Cabin personal, this bulletin has been specifically addressed to how Article 17 works for them.

At this time we are still not confident on the timing of the Rouge restart or of any recalls.

Mainline Cabin Personnel do NOT need to accept a recall to Air Canada Rouge. They may remain on layoff status and wait for a recall to Mainline.

Step 1 – Recall Notice Sent
The most senior employees on layoff status will be advised of the first available assigned at either Air Canada Mainline or Air Canada Rouge. The recall notice must be sent by registered letter, but you may also receive an email or phone call.

Step 2 – Responding to Recall Notice
You have 7 calendar days from the date of the postmark to advise if you are accepting the position.
You must accept the recall if it is to the point of layoff, which is the same base and same company that you were laid-off from.

If the recall is to a different Mainline base or Air Canada Rouge you may decline the recall, however you must still reply to the recall notice advising that you wish to be retained on the seniority list for subsequent assignments. This must be done within 14 calendar days from the date of the postmark.

If you fail to reply to a recall notice, you will have been considered to have resigned without notice. This applies even if you are not accepting the assignment.

Step 3 – Accepting Recall to Rouge
If you accept recall to Air Canada Rouge, you will be given at least 21 calendar days’ notice of your start date. You will be protected at your Air Canada Mainline wage rate (except for Service Directors who would earn their Mainline FA wage rate, a grievance has already been filed on this). You will also maintain your Mainline pension  and health benefits; however, all other working conditions and premiums will be based on LOU 55 and Company policies that apply to Air Canada Rouge Cabin Crew.

Further information will be issued by the Company on some of the differences, but please click here to see an overview of the Rouge Scheduling Rules as found in the Rouge Contract Guide. We will also be hosting a webinar once the recall notices to Rouge go out where you will be able to ask any questions you may have.

Step 4 – Working at Rouge
You will be required to attend training in order to become a qualified Rouge Flight Attendant. The length of this training has yet to be determined.  The Company has also advised us that you will use your Mainline Uniform with minor modifications provided by the Company.

Step 5 – Recall to Mainline
Once a vacancy exists at Mainline it will be offered to the most senior crew member who remains on layoff or is temporarily working at Rouge. Master Seniority will prevail as per Article 18.03.  By accepting a position at Rouge, you are not giving up your position at Mainline. You will be recalled to Mainline once a Mainline position is available at your seniority.

When recalled back to your point of layoff, you must return to Air Canada Mainline.

If the recall is to a different Air Canada Mainline base, you may decline the recall and wait for a position at your original home base. However, you will forfeit your Mainline wage rate and health benefits. You will be placed on the Air Canada Rouge wage grid in accordance with your combined years of service from Mainline and Rouge and will switch to the Air Canada Rouge benefit plan. If you accept the recall to a difference base, please be advised that Mainline base transfers are only processed for mutual transfers at this time until all members have been recalled in accordance with the Collective Agreement.

When it comes to the work rules, vacation time, sick time, and discipline process, all this information can be found in LOU 55 of the Collective Agreement (Click HERE to view).

Your Component Executive is always available to answer any questions you may have on a recall at Air Canada Rouge, and we will continue to answer any questions, please email us at

As mentioned earlier once we have more information from the Employer on start dates and training, your Component Officers will be planning another Zoom Webinar to answer any outstanding questions on the recall process to Rouge.  We hope to have this set up in the next two weeks.

In solidarity,