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The Weekly Dispatch – Article 7 Allowances

Members are entitled to allowances for various work-related items. Keep in mind that you should check your pay statement to ensure that you have been compensated for these allowances. You are entitled to a cleaning allowance for your uniform. You are also entitled to a footwear allowance of 120.00 per year and a check in/check out gratuity allowances so that you can tip the drivers of our transportation to and from hotels while on layover. You work hard for your money and all entitlements however small should be provided as per the contract language which you will find below. This applies to the drivers of our transportation who likely rely on these tips.

7.03.03 Cleaning – Cabin Personnel shall receive a uniform cleaning allowance of forty-five ($45.00) per month.
To qualify for this allowance, Cabin Personnel must be actively on the payroll at least one day in that block month.
NOTE: For the purpose of this Article, actively on the payroll means that the employee is entitled to at least one (1) day of pay credits in that block month.

7.03.04 Footwear Allowance – Cabin Personnel shall receive a footwear allowance of one hundred and twenty dollars ($120.00) per year to be paid on July 1st of each year.

7.04 CHECK-IN/CHECK-OUT GRATUITY ALLOWANCE – A check-in/check-out gratuity allowance of five dollars and five cents ($5.05) will be paid during a legal layover or station stops in excess of seven (7) hours where accommodation is provided.

L55.09.04 Work Allowance – Employees shall receive a work allowance of one hundred Canadian dollars (CDN$100) per block month to cover the cost of uniform upkeep, check in/out gratuity, and passport.

L55.09.04.01 To qualify for this allowance, Employees must be available for work at least fifteen (15) days in the block month.

Rouge Crew are eligible to receive a reimbursement of up to $100.00 CAD per year for their shoes and may purchase more than one pair. Original receipt(s) must be submitted to for reimbursement. “Once per year” is based on a rolling calendar (i.e., if you submit a claim on February 10, 2020, you would not be eligible again to purchase shoes until February 10, 2021).