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The Weekly Dispatch – Personal Leave Federal Code

If you require a personal leave of absence, you are entitled to it and the following information will help to understand what uses it can be requested for.


Qualifying conditions

The qualifying conditions that an employee must meet to be eligible for personal leave are contained within section 206.6 of the Code. The reasons for which an employee can take personal leave under section 206.6 of the Code are the following:

  • carrying out responsibilities related to the health or care of any of their family members
  • carrying out responsibilities related to the education of any of their family members who are under 18 years of age
  • addressing any urgent matter concerning themselves or their family members
  • attending their citizenship ceremony under the Citizenship Act, and
  • any other reason prescribed by regulation

The employee must have completed 3 consecutive months of continuous employment with the employer to be entitled to the first 3 days of the leave with pay. An employer cannot impose their own qualifying conditions on employees before employees can take personal leave. Please speak to your local office if you are unsure if your circumstances qualify.

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